Our 94 brothers are active all over the University of Georgia campus. Here are a few of the clubs, organizations, and athletics some of our brothers are currently active in.

Honors Societies

  • Honors College- Adrian D'Avanzo, Josh Bielenberg, Lyle Beavers, Harrison Franklin, Grant Mitchell

  • Order of Omega - Carter Grimes, Jacob Lewis

Student Government and Interfraternity Council


  • IFC Vice President of Public Relations- Jake Shumard

  • IFC Diversity Committee Member - Carter Scott

  • IFC Recruitment Committee Member - Joe McGee

  • IFC Philanthropy Committee Member - Tony Masiello

Academic Clubs and Organizations

  • Pi Sigma Epsilon Marketing and Sales Fraternity- Will Schad (Vice President)

Philanthropic Organizations

  • UGA Miracle - Josh Bielenberg, Harrison Franklin, Chandler Mulford, Brett Sledge, Lyle Beavers, Nathan Adams, Grant Mitchell,

  • UGA HEROs Committee Member- Matt Jordan, Zac Carter, Ryan Szabo, Max Terris, Eric Sewell, Nick Geeslin, Adrian D’Avanzo, Ryan Gould, Nick Concemi, Ian Kelley, Marty Liss, Ryan Lockett,

  • Shop With a Bulldog Mentor- Patrick Chapin, Grant Mitchell

  • Relay for Life Committee Member- Matt Jordan

  • OASIS Tutor- Patrick Chapin

Community and Campus Organizations

  • College Republicans Executive Chairman - Ben Grayson

  • College Republicans- Tony Masiello, Ben Grayson, Jake Shumard, Spencer Pipkin, Everett Finn, Max Terris, Harrison Franklin, Bennett Hardee, Jacob Lewis, Griffin Shaw, Jack Sood, Nick Zimmer

  • Hispanic Student Association Goizuieta Ambassador- Freddy Carbajal

  • JW Fanning Institute of Leadership Head Mentor- Freddy Carbajal

  • CampusView Church of Christ Youth Group- Jake Shumard

Intramural Sports

  • Soccer- Matt Jordan, Zac Carter, Adrian D'Avanzo, Ryan Szabo, Armin Hojjaty, Nick Geeslin, Stephen McConkey, Zack Letts, Nick Caamano

  • Football- Armin Hojjaty, Marty Liss, Tim Pratt, TJ Collins, Ryan Szabo, AJ Baffi, Jackson Bowen, Nick Concemi

  • Basketball- Patrick Sims, Armin Hojjaty, Alex Riley, Logan Grailer, Joe McGee, Grant Brinkman, Kieran Price, Tim Pratt, AJ Baffi, Marty Liss

  • Tennis- Lyle Beavers Chandler Mulford, Nathan Smith, Luke Chapin, Joe McGee