Dawgs on the Lawn

Our chapter hosted its first ever puppy party/adoption drive to benefit the Humane Society of Athens. By partnering with the human society, we were able to host 35+ puppies under our MooCoo tree for people to simply bring a little joy to their day by playing with them or making them part of their families. All proceed went to the Humane Society to further save pets in need of a permanent home.


Our chapter adopted Peabody and Bloomfield Street which surround the side and back of our house. Twice a semester, we take time out of our day to make sure the roads are up to par with the beauty of Athens. We strive to preserve the historical value of when our chapter took base there in 1951.

Color Wars

Our Chapter hosted its first annual Color War to benefit the CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation. The event revolved around a dodge ball tournament hosted in our band room with teams consisting of sororities and campus organization. Each team was assigned a color and had to compete in a paint-drenched tournament to reach victory. The Color War was concluded with a color powder free-for-all in our front lawn. All proceed went to the Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation to assist in research and eradicate cancer.