Built between 1906 and 1908, the Charles Hillyer Brand House is a beautiful example of the American Renaissance style of architecture during the turn of the century featuring the nexus between Neo-Classical and Roman Architecture.  Charles H. Brand, a Georgia State Superior Judge who served eight terms in the United States Congress as a Georgia Representative, built this beautiful house for his Athens family while serving as Judge.

The exterior of the Brand home features a large front porch anchored by six soaring white Corinthian style columns. Beneath the decorative portico, a Romeo and Juliet balcony is located on the second floor of the two story structure. A full length porch on the left side and a Carriage Porch on the right side flank the historical building.

On the inside, the house still preserves the original fireplace tile surroundings and hand carved mantles.  The beautiful curved Grand Staircase and glazed glass greets guests as they enter the front door.  Each room on the first floors is still encased with plaster walls and moldings from the original construction providing the character and charm built at the turn of the last century.  Nearly 25 brothers enjoy the spacious living areas of the house and the 15 bedrooms are home to these brothers.